Immerse your students in close reading.

Middle school students are learning to immerse themselves in text—and learning to articulate what resonates and matters to them in what they read. Boost Close Reading is an immersive supplemental reading program that engages students through an interactive graphic novel. With high-interest storytelling and guided instruction, the program motivates middle schoolers to question what they read, think critically, and build the close reading skills that will ensure success in high school and beyond.

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Comic book-style illustration featuring four panels: a close-up of a reptilian character, Spider-Man looking at a
Laptop screen displaying ԰ʿReading, a digital educational tool with a dialogue about human impact on nature, featuring interactive argument maps and cartoon characters.

In this future, reading is adventure.

Each student’s journey through this action-packed world depends on their ability to read literary and informational texts critically. Boost Close Reading develops a deep understanding of essential middle school skills—such as identifying the parts of a valid argument—that will prepare them for success in high school and in the broader world.

And every student can be the hero.

Every chapter provides integrated instruction, guided close reading, and a creative application. You set the difficulty level for each student. Assign English Learners and struggling readers to the Extra Support path. When they’re ready, switch them back to the Core Path.

Young boy concentrating on laptop with imaginative illustrations of robots and ԰ʿReading graphics in the background.