Develop and celebrate student thinking by tapping into your students’ natural curiosity.

԰ʿDesmos Math helps teachers cultivate a classroom of eager, collaborative learners by starting with student ideas and building to robust grade-level learning for every student every day. Para la versión en español, haga clic í.

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Desmos Classroom

Grades K–12

A teaching and learning platform offering a collection of free digital lessons and lesson building tools.

  • Teachers can build their own lessons using the Activity Builder tool.
  • Teachers can explore lessons including:
    • Library of user created lessons.
    • Featured Collection lessons authored by the Desmos Classroom team.

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Desmos Math 6–A1

Grades 6–8, Algebra 1

A year-long, blended middle school math curriculum delivered through the Desmos Classroom platform.

  • A rigorous curriculum based on Illustrative Mathematics® IM K–12™, authored by the Desmos Classroom team.
  • Grades 6–8 courses rated perfect scores on EdReports (Algebra 1 has not yet been reviewed).
  • Pre-made, fully customizable lessons, available in English and Spanish.
  • Powerful facilitation tools to allow for real-time insight and feedback.

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 ԰ʿDesmos Math

Grades K–Algebra 2

Coming Soon: A new core PreK–12 program from ԰ʿand Desmos Classroom.

  • A problem-based approach that gets results by developing deep conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application.
  • Technology that connects the classroom, fostering collaboration, discourse, and perseverance in problem solving.
  • Students’ natural curiosity leads to deep understanding and math learning that lasts a lifetime.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • K–A1 pilots available back-to-school 2024.
An illustration of various educational settings; on the left is a colorful, simplified cityscape with educational icons, and on the right, a laptop displaying an ԰ʿDesmos math lesson interface.

A new core PreK–12 program from ԰ʿand Desmos Classroom

԰ʿDesmos Math makes it easy for both teachers and students to make the shift to a problem-based approach by providing captivating activities, powerful teacher-facilitation tools, and lots of support for differentiation and practice.

We’ve combined interactive problem-based lessons with explicit instruction, reinforcement, and practice to enable students to develop math proficiency that lasts. Lessons set a strong foundation in procedural and fact fluency, deepen understanding of concepts, and enable students to apply learning to real-world tasks.

԰ʿDesmos Math will be available for 2025–26 school year implementation. Interested districts can pilot the Beta release starting fall 2024.

About the program


  • Curriculum based on Illustrative Mathematics® IM K–12™
  • Differentiation and personalized practice
  • Robust assessments and reports
  • Student materials in Spanish

Illustration of a New York math curriculum map for grade 6-algebra 1, divided into 8 units with topics and a cartoon snail next to it.
image of ԰ʿDesmos Math lesson overview of student activity


  • Powerful teacher-facilitation supports and tools
  • Students talking and building from each other’s ideas
  • Every lesson has fully compatible print and digital materials for an inclusive classroom


  • Curiosity-driven lessons that drop students into a real-world problem they want to solve
  • Desmos Classroom technology provides instant, interactive feedback to push students’ thinking
  • Colorful, visual guidance for teachers and students

Digital screen displaying a bar graph lesson with dog icons, accompanied by a cartoon corgi wearing a bandana, uses New York Math materials for enhanced learning.

What's included

We’ve taken the power of Desmos’ technology and lessons and added beautiful, easy-to-use print and digital components to make a game-changing program that makes teaching a breeze.

  • Student materials

  • Teacher materials

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